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Maria Pilar Lopez Laseras
  • Category Titular d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Maria Pilar Lopez Laseras (40)

40 results found

Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Rull, Valentí; Carmen Trapote, Maria del; Cao, Min; Rosell-Melé, Antoni; Buchaca, Teresa; Gomà, Joan; López, Pilar; Sigró, Javier; Safont, Elisabet; Cañellas, Núria; Garcés-Pastor, Sandra; Giralt, Santiago ; Corella, Juan Pablo; (2020)

Modern Analogue Approach Applied to High-Resolution Varved Sediments¿A Synthesis for Lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees)

3 , 1
Arias-Real, R.; Muñoz, I.; Gutierrez-Cánovas, C.; Granados, V.; Lopez-Laseras, P.; Menéndez, M. (2020)

Subsurface zones in intermittent streams are hotspots of microbial decomposition during the non-flow period

Science of the Total Environment
703, p. 135485
Gionchetta, G.; Oliva, F.; Menéndez, M.; López, P.; Romaní, A. M. (2019)

Key role of streambed moisture and flash storms for microbial resistance and resilience to long-term drought

Freshwater Biology
64 , 2, pp. 306 - 322
Trapote, M.C.; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, T.; López, P.; Puche, E.; Gomà, J.; Buchaca, T.; Cañellas-Boltà, N.; Safont, E.; Corella, P.; Rull, V. (2018)

Modern sedimentary analogues and integrated monitoring to understand varve formation in the Mediterranean Lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees, Spain)

Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology
496, pp. 292 - 304
Vegas-Vilarrúbia T; Corella JP; Pérez-Zanón N; Buchaca T; Trapote MC; López P; Sigró J; Rull V. (2018)

Historical shifts in oxygenation regime as recorded in the laminated sediments of lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees) support hypoxia as a continental-scale phenomenon.

Science of the Total Environment
612, pp. 1577 - 1592
Pompêo M; V Moschini-Carlos; JC López-Doval; N Abdalla-Martins; S Cardoso-Silva; RH Furtado-Freire; FG de Souza; AL Brandimarte; AH Rosa; P López (2017)

Nitrogen and phosphorus in cascade multi-system tropical reservoirs: water and sediment.

Limnological Review
17 , 3, pp. 133 - 150
Lopez, Pilar; Lopez-Tarazon, Jose A.; Casas-Ruiz, Joan P.; Pompeo, Marcelo; Ordonez, Jaime; Munoz, Isabel (2016)

Sediment size distribution and composition in a reservoir affected by severe water level fluctuations

Science of the Total Environment
540, pp. 158 - 167
Casas-Ruiz, J.P.; Catalán, N.; Gómez-Gener, L.; von Schiller, D.; Obrador, B.; Kothawala, D.; López, P.; Sabater, S.; Marcé, R. (2017)

A tale of pipes and reactors: controls on the in-stream dynamics of dissolved organic matter in rivers.

Limnology and Oceanography
62, pp. 585 - 594
Lopez-Tarazon, J. A.; Lopez, P.; Lobera, G.; Batalla, R. J. (2016)

Suspended sediment, carbon and nitrogen transport in a regulated Pyrenean river.

Science of the Total Environment
540, pp. 133 - 143
Bastias, E.; Ribot, M.; Romaní, A.M.; Mora-Gómez, J.; Sabater, F.; López, P.; Martí, E. (2018)

Responses of microbially driven leaf litter decomposition to stream nutrients depend on litter quality

806 , 1, pp. 333 - 346
Marcé, R.; Obrador, B.; Morguí, J.A.; Riera, J.L.; López, P.; Armengol, J. (2015)

Carbonate weathering as a driver of carbon dioxide supersaturation in lakes

Nature Geoscience
8, pp. 107 - 111
Huerta, B.; Marti, E.; Gros, M.; López, P.; Pompêo, M.; Armengol, J.; Barceló, D.; Balcázar, J.L.; Rodríguez-Mozaz, S.; Marcé, R. (2013)

Exploring the links between antibiotic occurrence, antibiotic resistance, and bacterial communities in water supply reservoirs

Science of the Total Environment
456/457, pp. 161 - 170
López, P.; Dolz, J.; Arbat, M.; Armengol, J. (2012)

Physical and chemical characterization of superficial sediment of the Ribarroja Reservoir (River Ebro, NE Spain)

31 , 2, pp. 327 - 340
López, P.; Marcé, R.; Armengol, J. (2011)

Net heterotrophy and CO2 evasion from a productive calcareous reservoir: adding complexity to the metabolism-CO2 evasion issue

Journal of Geophysical Research
116 , G02021, pp. 1 - 14
Marcé, R.; Moreno-Ostos, E.; Lopez, P.; Armengol, J. (2008)

The role of allochthonous inputs of dissolved organic carbon on the hypolimnetic oxygen content of reservoirs

11, pp. 1035 - 1053
Lopez, P. (2009)

Los sedimentos y su incidencia en la eutrofización de los embalses: el caso del Rio Lozoya

Ingeniería del Agua
16 , 4, pp. 175 - 185
Soto-Galera, E.; Piera, J.; Lopez P. (2010)

Spatial and temporal land cover changes in Terminos Lagoon Reserve, Mexico

Revista de Biologia Tropical
58, pp. 565 - 575
Vegas-Vilarrubia, T. Baritto, F. Lopez, P.; Melean, G., Ponce M.E., Mora, L., Gomez, O. (2010)

Tropical histosols of the lower Orinoco Delta, features and preliminary quantification of their carbon storage

155, pp. 280 - 288
Vegas-Vilarrubia, T.; Lopez, P. (2008)

Edaphic Patterns as Related to ?-Diversity in Swamp Forests and Meadows of the Lower Orinoco Delta Plain (Venezuela)

28 , 3, pp. 616 - 631
Lopez, P.; Marcé, R.; Ordóñez, J.; Urrutia, I.; Armengol, J. (2009)

Sedimentary phosphorus in a cascade of five reservoirs (Lozoya River, Central Spain).

Lake And Reservoir Management
25, pp. 39 - 48