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Juan Llorens Llacuna
  • Orcid 0000-0002-2361-8968
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Faculty Facultat de Química

Journal publications from Juan Llorens Llacuna (149)

149 results found

Simon, X.; Rudé, E.; Berdalet, E.; Llorens, J.; Baig, S. (2013)

Effects of inorganic nitrogen (NH4Cl) and biodegradable organic carbon (CH3COONa) additions on a pilot-scale seawater biofilter

13, pp. 1 - 21
Valentin Ple?u, Alexandra Elena Bonet Ruiz, Jordi Bonet, Joan Llorens, Petrica Iancu. (2013)

Minimum Number of Transfer Units and reboiler duty for multicomponent distillation columns

Applied Thermal Engineering
61 , 1, pp. 67 - 79
Simon, X.; Rudé, E.; Llorens, J.; Baig, S. (2013)

Study on the removal of biodegradable NOM from seawater using biofiltration

316 , 1, pp. 8 - 16
Labanda, J.; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2013)

Permeation of organic solutes in water-ethanol mixtures with nanofiltration membranes

315, pp. 83 - 90
Simon, F.X.; Penru, Y.; Guastalli, A.R.; Llorens, J.; Esplugas, S.; Baig, S. (2013)

NOM characterization by LC-OCD in a SWRO desalination line

Desalination and Water Treatment
51, pp. 1776 - 1780
Guastalli, A.R.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2009)

Separation of phosphoric acid from an industrial rinsing water by means of nanofiltration

243 , 1-3, pp. 218 - 228
Labanda, J.; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2011)

Experimental and modeling study of the adsorption of single and binary dye solutions with an ion-exchange membrane adsorber

Chemical Engineering Journal
166, pp. 536 - 543
Labanda, J.; Khaidar, M.S. ; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2011)

Study of Cr(III) desorption process from a water-soluble polymer by ultrafiltration

281, pp. 165 - 171
Simon, F.X.; Penru, Y.; Guastalli, A.R.; Llorens, J.; Baig, S. (2011)

Improvement of the analysis of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of mediterranean seawater by seeding control

85 , 1, pp. 527 - 532
El-Hachemi, Z.; Arteaga, O.; Canillas, A.; Crusats, J.;Llorens, J.; Ribo, J.M. (2011)

Chirality generated by flows in pseudocyanine dye J-Aggregates: Revisisting 40 Years Old Reports

23, pp. 585 - 592
Arteaga, O.; Canillas, A.; Crusats, J.; El-Hachemi, A.; Llorens, J.; Sorrenti, A.; Ribó, J.M. (2011)

Flow effects in supramolecular chirality

Israel Journal of Chemistry
51 , 10, pp. 1 - 10
Ruiz, M.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2010)

Effect of ultrasonic waves on the rheological features of secondary sludge

Biochemical Engineering Journal
52 , 2-3, pp. 131 - 136
Bonet, J.; Bonet, A.E.; Radu, V.C.; Llacuna, J.L.; Lopez, J.C (2010)

A simplified cost function for distillation systems evaluation

Chemical Engineering Transactions
21, pp. 1405 - 1410
Bonet, J.; Bonet, A.E.; Llacuna, J.L.; Plesu, V.; Titus, M.; Bozga, R.E.; Patrut, C. (2010)

Simulation of a continuous process for biodiesel synthesis from triacylglycerol based on different topologies

Chemical Engineering Transactions
21, pp. 1357 - 1362
Bonet, A.E.; Bonet, J.; Bozga, G.; Llacuna, J.L.; Plesu, V. (2010)

Number of transfer units information on residue curve maps

Chemical Engineering Transactions
21, pp. 1417 - 1422
Bonet-Ruiz, A.E.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Plesu, V.; Bozga, G.; Llorens Llacuna, J.; Costa Lopez, J. (2009)

New contributions to modelling and simulation of TAME synthesis by catalytic distillation

Chemical Engineering Transactions
18, pp. 959 - 964
Arteaga, O.; Canillas, A.; Crusats, J.; El-Hachemi, Z.; Llorens, J.; Sacristan, E.; Ribó, J.M. (2010)

Emergence of supramolecular chirality by flows

11 , 16, pp. 3511 - 3516
Pera-Titus, M.; Llorens, J. (2010)

Evaluation of confinement effects in zeolites under Henry's adsorption regime.

Applied Surface Science
256, pp. 5305 - 5310
Sabaté, J.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2009)

Influence of coion and counterion size on multi-ionic solution nanofiltration

Journal of Membrane Science
345, pp. 298 - 304
Llorens, J.; Pera-Titus, M. (2009)

Influence of surface heterogeneity on hydrogen adsorption on activated carbons

Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
350, pp. 63 - 72