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Lothar Schulte
  • Orcid 0000-0001-5829-3166
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Geografia
  • Faculty Facultat de Geografia i Història

Other publications from Lothar Schulte (87)

87 results found

Calero, M.A.; Schulte, L.; Rull, V.; Vegas-Vilerrúbia, T. (2022)

Profunditat de l'Estany de San Maurici abans de l'any 1953

Schulte, L.; Peña, J.C; Wetter, O.; Carvalho, F.; Wirth, S.B., Gómez-Bolea, A.; Badoux, A. (2022)

Pattern of severe alpine floods of the last 540 years reconstructed from temporal-spatial analysis of natural and documentary archives

Schulte, A.; Schulte, L.; Peña, J.C; Fuller, I.; Carvalho, F. (2022)

Extraordinary floods and climatic variability in southern New Zealand from 1862 to 2020

Carvalho, F.; Schulte, L. (2019)

Mining activities in the Bernese Alps from the geochemical analysis of alluvial sediments

Calero, M.A.; Schulte, L. (2019)

10,000-year flood record of Sant Maurici Lake, Central Pyrenees

Peña, J.C.; Schulte, L. (2019)

Atmospheric variability related to large summer floods in the upper Hasli-Aare catchment (Swiss Alps) from AD 1300 to 2010

Sánchez-García, C.; Schulte, L.; Carvalho, F. (2019)

The influence of land-use changes and river management on extreme-floods in the Southeastern Spain

Schulte, L.; Peña, J.C.; Wetter, O.; Carvalho, F.; Wirth, S.B.; Wilhelm, B.; Amann, B.; Gómez-Bolea, A.; Barbería, L. (2019)

A four-dimensional integration of multi-archive datasets to understand historical flood pattern in alpine catchments.

Wirth, S.; Cheng, L.; Kremer, K.; Schulte, L. (2019)

Early river deviations in the Swiss Alps and their effects on the lake system of Lake Thun

Wirth, S.; Kremer, K.; Schulte, L. (2019)

The Ralligen rockfall and the Lütschine River deviation recorded in the sediments of Lake Thun.

Schulte, L. (2019)

Work Package 2 - Multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods for societal demand: Disaster Risk Reduction and climate forcing.

Fuller, I.; Macklin, M.; Schulte, L. (2020)

6th International Paleofloods Congress, Conference Programm and Abstracts, 38 pp. Massey University, University of New Zealand.

Schulte, L. (2020)

Temporal-spatial pattern and causes of historical floods in mountain catchments

Ballesteros Canovas, J.A; Schulte, L. (2022)

Open Scientific Meeting, Session OSM16: Towards an improved understanding of past flood variability and examples on how such data can have a bearing on present and future flood risk management.

Wirth, S.B.; Kremer, K.; Schulte, L. (2020)

Flood reconstructions from lake sediments considering historical river deviations.

Casanovas-Arimon, L.; Schulte, L.; Muntán-Bordas, Gómez-Bolea, A.; E. Carvalho, F. (2022)

Dendrogeomorphological variability of the Eistlenbach, Tschingelsee and Spreitlouwi alluvial fans, Bernese Alps.

Calero, A.M.; Schulte, L.; Carvalho, F. (2022)

Analysis of the last 75 years of floods in a high-resolution sedimentary record from the Tschingelsee (Swiss Alps)

Sánchez-García, C.; Schulte, L. (2022)

Analysis of the correlation between climate and historical extreme flood events in the southeastern Iberian Peninsula: The case of the Andarax River

Sánchez-García, C.; Carvalho, F.; Schulte, L. (2022)

Analysis of an extreme hydrological event in a semi-arid region. The case of the 2012 flood in the Antas River, Spain.

Wetter, O.; Schmocker-Fackel, P.; Pfister, C.; Schulte, L.; Mudelsee, M.; Rössler, O.; Pena, J.C.; Ruiz-Villanueva, V. (2020)

Historical floods: changes in floods since the 13th Century.

Volum. 22 , Número. 28, pp. 22 - 28