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Lectora: dossier on women of the Spanish Silver Age


Issue 28 of Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat has been published. This volume includes a dossier, edited by José Miguel González Soriano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja), that focuses on the cultural and socio-political importance of women in the so-called Silver Age of Spanish culture, during the first third of the 20th century. With the title Rostros y voces de mujeres de la edad de plata, this dossier aims to highlight the literary and artistic contributions of a plethora of women writers who broke with the gender roles of their time, but whose work has not been valued until recently. The dossier includes a total of eleven articles by researchers such as Adriana Paíno-Ambrosio and Maria Isabel Rodriguez-Fidalgo (Universidad de Salamanca), Dolores Romero, Maria Jesús Fraga (both from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Ana Bande (Universiteit Utrecht), or Alicia Llarena (niversidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), among others.  The monographic volume, preceded by a speech of thanks from Helena González (ADHUC- Universitat de Barcelona) on the occasion of the medal of honor awarded to her by the Consello da Cultura Galega, gives way to the miscellaneous section, which brings together texts on topics such as Hispanic anti-fatphobic activism on Instagram, the intersection between humor and feminism or the role of domestic spaces in the work of the Ocampo sisters. The journal, which also includes a section of reviews, concludes with a presentation of the artistic projects "Llàgrimes de sirena" and "Terra Ferida", accompanied by an interview with their respective creators: Matilde Obradors and Diana Coca.