Research Office

Support for researchers attached to the Faculty in the management of national and regional projects and grants


  • General information and dissemination of research calls. 

  • Advice to researchers to manage requests for research grants and agreements.

  • Economic management of projects, control and economic reports

  1. Credit authorization request

  2. Calls for grants funded by projects, payments

  3. Trips

  4. Purchases

  5. Invoice processing

  6. Inventory

  7. Payments to staff

  • Processing of the recruitment of personnel in charge of projects.

  • Support for the preparation of activity reports.

  • Facilitate the use of GREC and GPR and detect new needs.

  • Support to the Faculty's Research Committee. 

For the management of international research projects, the UB has the International Research Projects Unit (OPIR).



Faculty of Law. University of Barcelona
Diagonal 684
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 402 18 43


Collaboration scholarship procedures

The Research Office processes collaboration grants financed with research projects and agreements.
These grants are governed by the “Regulation of collaboration scholarships for undergraduate and master's students at the University of Barcelona", approved by the Governing Council on June 8, 2018. 

To start the procedure, you must fill in the proposal form for the scholarship call and hand it in to the Office of Research a month and a half before the start of the collaboration.

Travel processing must be done through approved agencies and following the instructions of the travel policy (travel web). Optionally, the agencies can be asked to manage congress registrations. Collection of instructions, rules and procedures relating to management and travel

It is possible to purchase transport tickets and book hotels or other types of accommodation, without using the services of the travel agency in accordance with the travel policy and the Joint Instruction of the Vice-Chancellor of Economy and of the Manager, of February 22, 2018, on direct purchase of transport tickets and accommodation reservation through advanced payment by the traveler with subsequent rescheduling at the expense of UB budgets. 

To process the definitive travel reservation or congress registration, it is essential that you send thetravel authorization document (SV/AG) to, together with the agency's budget, or the conference registration form (SV/IC) . 

Quick guide “How to manage trips to the UB”.

Printed SV: SV/AG trips by agency; SV/IC registrations for congresses by agency and SV/UB for cost overruns.

News on incorporation of a new agency and mandatory use of the SP VIATGES FORM to request a quote from agencies.

To find information about purchase management at the UB and framework agreements you can consult UB Purchases.

The acquisition of goods and services must be done through the SAP application with official UB order approved that manages the department's administrative department. Once the order has been placed, and together with the budget, it must be sent to the Research Office for processing. In accordance with the budget execution bases, it is obligatory to use the order

For theacquisition of computer equipment, criteria are established according to whether it is re-renting, purchase or telephone equipment. See instructions

For the acquisition of printers and multifunction equipment, the Purchasing Unit must be contacted in advance. See Management instruction

Digital fee: The UB is exempt from payment (see certificate to be given to suppliers who wish to collect the fee).

Tax identification requirements for invoices issued in the name of the UB: 

Name of the institution: University of Barcelona
Fiscal address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, Postal Code: 08007 Barcelona
VAT/NIF: ESQ0818001J

CEGE by department/unit
Accounting Office: U00400225
Managing Body: U00400001
Processing Unit: U00400001

Exceptionally for expenses that do not exceed 60 euros, and for which it is not possible to obtain the invoice with the correct UB tax data, tickets are accepted (except Ministry funding)


Conformity receipt of material or provision of services

Certificate of restoration expenses

Endorsement: in the event that invoices have been advanced, proof of bank payment must be presented in order to reimburse the expense.

Inventory: in the case of material liable to be inventoried, the serial number and location must be indicated on the invoices.

For the recruitment of technical staff in charge of research projects, the General Affairs Office (OAG) must be contacted to request a cost estimate and process the recruitment.

The OAG contacts the Research Office to start the financial management procedures.

Service contracts for teaching activities

This type of service contract is only intended to contract the services of natural persons and only to give occasional courses/seminars/conferences. This procedure is only for hiring external staff.

When hiring external staff, it is necessary to manage the expenditure commitment with the award resolution and an acceptance of the interested person. Payment is made on the basis of an invoice with VAT and withholding of personal income tax in the case of self-employed persons, or on the basis of a "Notification" of the person in charge of the course/seminar/conference without VAT and with the appropriate withholding of personal income tax.


  • Resolution of service contract for teaching activities (Catalan doc 1, English doc 2).

  • Acceptance, contract resolution and declaration of non-incompatibilities (Catalan doc 3 and English doc 4. If you are not a resident, the paragraph of the declaration of incompatibilities can be deleted)

  • I state that the service has been performed (only in case of payment to a non-professional external teacher -without invoice-) doc 5


If hiring UB staff an assignment of functions must be carried out, plus an acceptance by the person concerned, and the payment is made via «payroll».

The signing of agreements is the responsibility of the Rector. The Office of Conventions and Related Entities is responsible for informing the proposed agreements. With the agreement of the Conventions Office, the promoter processes the signature of the other institution and sends it back to the Conventions Office together with the certificate of assumption of commitments and the corresponding annexes signed to process the signature of the Rector and register it in the database of Agreements and Related Entities.

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