The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is a higher education and biomedical research institution. It dates back to 1843, when the College of Surgery founded by Pere Virgili in 1760 was transformed with the construction of a new faculty in Carrer del Carme.

Tradition and history gave way to modernity. The Faculty adapted and reinvented itself to accommodate the changing social and professional reality. Today we are one of the most highly regarded faculties in Spain and worldwide.

Our Faculty offers over a hundred degree qualifications. With six EHEA bachelor’s degrees, 12 university master’s degrees, 122 postgraduate degrees and three doctoral programmes, it has one of the strongest course offerings in the field of health in all of Spain. The bachelor’s degree courses in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Dentistry and Podiatry stand out in particular.

The Faculty is currently divided into three campuses: the Medicine Campus, the Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus and the Sant Joan de Déu Campus.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is firmly committed to quality teaching and research and has established itself as a leading faculty in the field of health. Come get to know us!