Enrolment modification


Any modification of enrolment must comply with current regulations on continuance of studies.

Students must have paid the enrolment fee or all installments due by the date before they can request cancellation or modification of enrolment.

Students may request total cancellation of enrolment in any of the following circumstances:

◦ Serious illness, subject to the provision of supporting documentation. In this case, students are entitled to request the reimbursement of the enrolment fee for each credit..

◦ Personal reasons. In this case, students are not entitled to any reimbursement. Requests for total cancellation of enrolment are resolved by the dean of the Faculty. Requests will only be considered if the original enrolment fee has been paid. If you enrolled as a holder of a general or mobility grant, you must request cancellation of the grant and pay the enrolment fee before your application to cancel enrolment is considered.



The modification will generate a new economic settlement that will replace or complement the previous one. Any amounts owed to the university as a result of modifications to enrolment must be paid in full in cash within seven calendar days of the date of the modification. On the other hand, if the difference is in favour of the student, the university will proceed to pay, if applicable.

Students on a grant (general grant): cancellation of subjects can lead to the loss of the status as grant holder, if the minimum enrolment requirements necessary to enjoy the grant are not reached and may involve having to return the amount received as an aid, and to make the full payment of the tuition.

For more information, please contact the UB grant service.



Deadlines for the modification, extension and cancellation of enrolment to master's degrees are approved by the Academic and Teaching Committee of the Faculty.


  • Modification of enrolment
    1.  First semester, second semester and anual subjects
      1. Delete and/or add subjects (S2 Form*): by 22 October 2021             
        (Possible refund)
         *IMPORTANT: The request has to be also signed by the master's coordinator (giving their conformity to the modification)
      2. Delete subjects (S3 Form): by 8 Novembre 2021
      3. (NO Refund)
    2. Second semester subjects
      1. Delete subjects (S3 Form): by 7 March 2022
        (No Refund)
  • Enrolment extension
    1. Second semester subjects
    2. Add subjects: from 3 to 24 February 2022
      (Online enrolment system: students must pay the tuition fee (transcript management)
  • Total cancellation of enrolment (all subjects)
    1. For personal interest (S1 Form):  by 8 November  2021.
      (No right to a refund)
    2. For serious illness (S1 Form) : by 8 November 2021
      (Possible refund)
    3. Cancellation of enrolment in serious and exceptional cases (S4 Form): without deadline

(A decision will be taken by the Vice-Rector for Academic Policy)