5th Research Conference of the Doctoral Programme in Sociology: “Sociology in Process”

By Wednesday March 10th, 2021 Profesor/a de Master

On 15 and 16 March will take place the 5th Research Conference of the Doctoral Programme in Sociology, Sociology in Process. It will be a space where our PhD students will present the preliminary works of their thesis.

The conference, which this year will be held in virtual format through BBCollaborate, is an ideal space to disseminate and learn about the research in progress of doctoral students in Sociology. Some students from the Master’s in Sociology “Social Transformations and Innovation” will be also taking part.

The first day will kick off at 9:15 CET with a brief welcome message by the PhD director. The rest of the day will be divided into four sessions in which doctoral students will present their research. Each session will be moderated by researchers from the UB School of Sociology Marta Soler, Alberto Martín Pérez, Anna Escobedo and José Luis Condom.

The fifth session, which will begin on Tuesday 16 at 9:15 CET, will be moderated by Esther Oliver; finally, Lídia Puigvert will be responsible for moderating the sixth and final session of the conference that will have its closure at 13:30 CET. You can consult the full programme of the conference as well as the abstract of the theses that will be presented.

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