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Sustainable Innovations

9 February, 2024
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First Session of the XII International Academic Symposium: Accelerating the Net-Zero Economy Transformation on February 6th, 2023, chaired by Rafael Domènech, (BBVA Research) and with the participation of:

▪ “Estimating technological gains and losses from environmental regulation”, Albert Roger (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)
▪ “Trilemma or trinity? The nexus of economic growth, circular economy and net zero”, Anupama Sen (University of Oxford)
▪ “Financing constraints, climate policies and carbon emissions”, Mattia Guerini (University of Brescia)
▪ “Devising natural capital finance”, François Cohen (Chair of Energy Sustainability and Universitat de Barcelona)


In a period of deep transformation, where the competitiveness of firms has been severely weakened by high energy prices and the disruptions in supply chains, a structural adjustment to better respond to the resulting economic order is necessary. To achieve this critical transformation, it is essential to establish a more comprehensive framework prepared to lead the way, with speed and ambition, to sustainable net-zero economy and society. Keeping the spirit of previous years, the Symposium will offer a platform for debate and discussion of the big changes to stimulates long-term competitiveness and prosperity through net-zero technologies based on sustainability and circularity, disruptive innovation, and energy systems transformation. Authors are invited to submit empirical papers emphasizing on the energy policy implications applied to oil, gas, or electricity sector.

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