Early Harappan disc beads and stone knapping innovations. Ajithprasad Pottentavida

publicat: 23 oct. 2015  |  
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  • SESSION 3 – Stone tool production and processing techniques
    Early Harappan disc beads and stone knapping innovations

    A detailed study of several unfinished beads and bead rough-outs along with debitage of the bead industry revealed knapping innovations in the bead production. The new method used in the production of beads was an extension of the blade technology; effectively adapted for producing thin, disc-like flakes just as platform rejuvenation flakes from cylindrical blade cores. Hundreds of such small, discs and cylindrical blade cores are recovered from the site. The discs were later pierced at the centre by pecking from both sides, which significantly varied from the standard Urban Harappan drilling using cylindrical drill-bits. The difference is also apparent in the rough-grinding and polishing of the beads. The technique could be seen as an innovative adaptation of the blade technique for the production of simple beads by the Early Harappan stone knappers. The paper examines different stages of the innovative bead knapping technique along with techniques of blade production at the site.

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