Executive MBA


  • Directors: Xavier Garcia and Laura Guitart
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Language: Spanish
  • Fee level: €11,700
  • Commencement: January 2021
  • Applications: Until November 22nd 2020

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is a face-to-face programme taught over a single academic year, which provides professionals with a broad point of view in management, business managerial skills and techniques in the current competitive, increasingly changing and complex environment.

The Executive MBA is a face-to-face programme taught over a single academic year, from September to July, which provides experienced professionals (entrepreneurs, businesspeople, general managers and middle-management staff in any company area) with a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the management techniques and executive skills involved in business organization and administration in today’s complex, competitive and dynamic market.

The programme attracts professionals from around the world. A typical class profile has a percentage of international students of over 90%. The official language of the master is Spanish and good command of the language is needed.

The objective of this programme is to provide training that enhances the careers of the new leaders needed in today’s society. Our teaching staff comprises renowned university professors and working professionals with long and successful track records. Our methodology is practical, active and highly participatory, using case studies, debates, tutorial sessions, expert lectures and simulations. The structure of this demanding Executive MBA is broken down into nine modules, which will ultimately lead students through the completion of a successful business plan.

Lectures take place from Monday to Thursday from 18,30h to 21,30h and occasionally on Friday at the same time and Saturday from 9h to 14h. This allows students to combine lectures with their professional life.

There are 25 student vacancies every intake. The small classes ensure a personal approach and direct contact between lecturers and students.

The teaching staff from the Executive MBA is formed mostly by lecturers who are company executives with extensive practical experience in renowned companies and organisations. Furthermore, the fact that the programme belongs to a public university fosters the cooperation between real professionals and researchers with an outstanding trajectory in the academic world.

Professors from the University will provide students with the significant theories and trends, knowledge which is essential for future leaders; while CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and other executives will offer the practical experience that they have gained in their organizations.

This master’s programme is targeted at professionals with extensive experience – entrepreneurs, business owners, senior executives and middle managers in a variety of company areas – and professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of management systems in the private sector.

Whether you aim to reach leadership roles in your organization or expand beyond your technical specialization, the Executive MBA will allow you to take a step forward in your career.

To be considered for the MBA programme, applicants must have:

  1. an official degree;
  2. at least three years of full-time working experience in relevant positions;
  3. a good command of Spanish;
  4. strong leadership skills, global perspective, functional expertise and innovation;
  5. the aptitude to succeed in a rigorous academic programme.

Academic Programme

The programme consists of 60 credits divided into nine different modules divided into subjects. The nine modules are:

  1. Management
  2. Financial-Economic
  3. Legal
  4. Skills
  5. Operations
  6. Marketing
  7. Human Resources
  8. Praxis
  9. Business Plan

In the Master’s Academic Programme it can be found all the subjects that are part of each module.

The programme requires students to attend one year of face-to-face lectures and attend at least 80% of the scheduled class hours in order to be assessed.

Students must enrol in all the subjects of the programme and pass them in the same academic year.

Executive MBA Methodology

The methodology that defines the Executive MBA programme is highly participatory in nature. It builds on the contributions of business professionals (executives and consultants) as well as the input of renowned academics.

Examples include:

  • – classroom debates;
  • – practical case studies;
  • – small-group and individual tutorials;
  • – lectures given by visiting experts;
  • – the preparation of a business plan.

The various formats for assessment range from a final examination to the completion of a practical business case study, depending on the subject and the teaching staff. Each subject has a set programme, which students will receive at the beginning of classes, and this programme will clearly state the assessment method to be used.

Overall, 75% of the final grade will be based on the average mark obtained from the subjects and the remaining 25% will be for the business plan.

The 2020-2021 academic year will begin on January 8, 2021 and will end at the end of July 2021. Lectures take place from Monday to Thursday from 18,30h to 21,30h and occasionally on Friday at the same time and Saturday from 9h to 14h. The Business Plan Presentations, which can be face to face or online, will be held in September. Check out the planned class schedule for the entire course.

As a member of the Executive MBA class, you will join a group of experienced professionals ready to take their careers to the next level. You will share a classroom with a diverse group of talented entrepreneurs, businesspeople, general managers and middle-management staff. Our students have a wide range of academic backgrounds, although most of them come from Business Management. The remaining students hold degrees in the fields of Engineering, Law, Economics, Psychology, Human Resources, etc. Every year, the Executive MBA brings together around 25 students of many different nationalities, mainly from the Americas region, but also from Europe and Asia.

Our programme provides a diverse approach to training, so there are several potential work areas, including General Management, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources or Consulting.

The Executive MBA is addressed to those professionals who already have relevant working experience but aspire to more ambitious positions in organizations. So students who successfully complete the master will acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to undertake new responsibilities and manage teams and high-level organizational resources.

Amongst the professional positions obtained by our alumni at leading companies are the following: head of corporate communications, head of accounting, sales manager, operations manager, administrative manager.


The tuition fee for the Executive MBA is €11,700. There is also an administrative fee of €70. The fee is the same for all applicants.

Once the candidates are admitted to the programme they will have 15 days to pay 10% of the tuition fee as a deposit to guarantee their place in the Programme.

When they enrol, students can choose to pay in one of two ways: they can pay the remaining 90% in one lump sum or pay just 50% of this, leaving the remaining 40% to be paid later.


The UB Business School has launched a scholarship programme targeted at Executive MBA students with an outstanding profile and the necessary skills to become leaders who will influence the future of business.

  • European Talent Scolarships

    The program consists of two scholarships per academic year that cover 50% of the tuition fee (administrative taxes excluded).
    The scholarships will be awarded to two nationals of any EU member state that must have been admitted to the programme and who demonstrate excellent professional experience, entrepreneurial initiative and innovative vision.

  • Business Woman Scholarships

    The programme consists of a scholarship to boost women’s professional careers and promote their transition to leadership and senior management positions, helping to eliminate gender differences in professional management environments.
    The scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee (administrative taxes excluded) and will be awarded to candidates with outstanding leadership skills and potential.


1. To apply for a scholarship, candidates must complete the following application form and send it by e-mail to business.school@ub.edu.
Candidates may apply for more than one category, but only one scholarship will be awarded per candidate.

2. The list of selected candidates will be published on the programme’s website.



Scholarship Application’s deadline Publication of results
2 European Talent Scholarship

1 Business Woman Scholarship

October 18th October 30th

If you are a scholarship recipient but you have not enrolled before January 15th, your scholarship will be awarded to the next highest ranked candidate on the list of applicants.
Given the case that a scholarship recipient renounces before the start of the programme, he or she may postpone the admission for one year but not the scholarship.

You can find information about the scholarships offered on the website of the University of Barcelona.

Eduard Alemany Romagosa

EMBA Lecturer

Eloisa Alonso Sanmartin

EMBA Lecturer

Lluís Alsamora Esteban

EMBA Lecturer

Cristobal Avilés

EMBA Lecturer

Juan Carlos Bailach Aspa

EMBA Lecturer

Vicenç Bosch Güell

EMBA Lecturer

Vicenç Bosch Sans

EMBA Lecturer

Josep Maria Canyelles Pastó

EMBA Lecturer

Margarita Cogolludo Latorre

EMBA Lecturer

Concepció Curet

EMBA Lecturer

Josep Conesa Ballestero

EMBA Lecturer

Jordi Damià Rey

EMBA Lecturer

Sergi Estragues Sabaté

EMBA Lecturer

Roger Font Espriu

EMBA Lecturer

Xavier Garcia Marimon


EMBA LecturerResearcher

Maria Carme Isanta Isanta

EMBA Lecturer

Ramon Montanera Mateu


EMBA LecturerMSc in International Business Lecturer

Cristina Palá-Vicarregui

EMBA Lecturer

Merche Regany Terradellas

EMBA Lecturer

Victor M. Rodriguez Ardura

EMBA Lecturer

Sara Sampedro Escuer

EMBA Lecturer

Miquel Serrano

EMBA Lecturer

Maria Luisa Solé Moro

EMBA Lecturer

Joan Tugores Ques

EMBA Lecturer

Antonio Valdivia Úbeda

EMBA Lecturer

Alfons M. Viñuela

EMBA Lecturer


Notice: the start date of the Executive MBA programme for the academic year 2020-2021 has been postponed until January 2021. The final application deadline is November 22nd, 2020.

Application and admission

Applicants seeking admission to the Executive MBA programme must complete the application form and attach the following documents:

  • 1. Curriculum vitae;
  • 2. Statement of interest;
  • 3. Photocopy of national ID document or passport;
  • 4. Transcript of records (for the purposes of application, a simple copy is accepted; at enrolment, the original certificate or a certified copy will be required);
  • 5. The name of two professionals or colleagues who support your application. Automatically they will receive an email with basic questions about your profile
  • 6. Online video pitch (max 5 min) or interview with the programme directors
  • On the video you should address de following topics:
  • – Presentation of your academic and professional career
  • – Why do you want to do the Executive MBA at the UB Business School
  • – What will your employment status be during the academic year

Applications are open from September 15th to November 22nd and are divided into the following admission rounds:

  • 1st round: from September 15th to October 18th, 2020
  • 2nd round: from October 19th to November 22nd, 2020


Application Deadline Academic Resolution Payment deadline (10%)

1st round

18/10 30/10


2nd round 22/11 03/12


*Application rounds are subject to the number of places available.

Applicants will receive a resolution by email on the established dates. Short-listed candidates might be invited to an interview with the programme directors, if the programme directors determine to do so.

Once a candidate is admitted to the programme they will have to pay a deposit of a 10% of the tuition fee on the established dates in order to reserve their enrolment in the programme.


Students who are admitted to the programme must complete the enrolment procedure in January, coming in person to the UB’s Faculty of Economics and Business. At the time of enrolment, they must present the originals or certified copies of any photocopied or scanned documents submitted with their applications.

More information about enrolment: Enrolment UB-specific master’s degrees and postgraduate courses

Documents required

Students with degrees from Spanish universities:

  • – original or certified copy of degree certificate and academic transcript;
  • – photocopy of national ID document (DNI).

Students with degrees from universities outside Spain:

  • – original or certified copy of degree certificate and academic transcript(note that any document in a foreign language other than English must be officially translated and legalized by the diplomatic authorities);
  • – photocopy of passport or foreign residents’ national identity document (NIE);

For further information: Admission procedures for students holding a degree certificate awarded abroad