13oct - 14oct 139:00oct 14IN PERSON: II Congreso Internacional de Investigación en Contabilidad y Empresa9:00 - 17:00 (14) CEST Activity:Other activities

18oct202215:30IN PERSON: Welcome Session PhD in Business15:30 CEST Activity:PhD in Business activities

4oct202214:00IN PERSON: Analysis of Michelin-starred restaurants and their geographical concentration: the case of Catalonia Raúl Escalante (Universitat de Barcelona)
14:00 CEST
Activity:Research seminar

27sep202215:30IN PERSON: Welcome Session MSc in Business Research15:30 CEST Activity:MSc in Business Research activities

27sep202210:00IN PERSON: Research plan presentations10:00 CEST Activity:PhD in Business activities

16sep202218:30IN PERSON: Welcome Session Executive MBA18:30 CEST Activity:EMBA activity

16sep202211:00IN PERSON: Welcome Session MSc in International Business11:00 CEST Activity:MSc in International Business activities

8sepsep 816:00sep 15- 17:00IN PERSON: Master Thesis Public Presentations 202216:00 CEST Activity:MSc in Business Research activities

18jul202212:00IN PERSON: La Industria del Libro en España. Aproximación mesoeconómica y mesoanalítica para un modelo de análisis Iñaki Vázquez Álvarez (Universitat de Barcelona)
12:00 CEST
Activity:PhD Thesis Defence

13jul - 15jul 1310:00jul 15HYBRID: Master Thesis Presentations10:00 - 12:00 (15) CEST Activity:MSc in International Business activities

23jun - 8juljun 239:00jul 8Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society(june 23) 9:00 - (july 8) 18:00 CEST Activity:Summer School

21jun202210:30HYBRID: Master Thesis Public Presentations10:30 CEST Activity:MSc in Business Research activities

15jun202215:00IN PERSON: Research plan presentations15:00 CEST Activity:PhD in Business activities

25may202217:00ONLINE: How to deal with endogeneity in panel data Irma Martínez (Universidad de Oviedo)
17:00 CEST
Activity:Research seminar

12may202214:30HYBRID: AQU i els processos d'acreditació del professorat Esteve Arboix (AQU Catalunya)
14:30 CEST
Activity:Other activities

11may20229:30- 18:15IN PERSON: PhD in Business Workshop9:30 - 18:15 CEST Activity:Workshops

11may202212:15ONLINE: SutteARIMA is a New Approach to Forecast Economics, Business, and Actuarial Data Ansari Saleh Ahmar (Universitat de Barcelona)
12:15 CEST
Activity:PhD Thesis Defence

11may202210:45IN PERSON: Organizational learning, innovation and internationalization: a qualitative research Ricardo Chiva (Universitat Jaume I)
10:45 CEST
Activity:PhD in Business activities

11may20229:45IN PERSON: Social Capital in Online Environments: Effects of Social Structure on Academic Performance in an Online University Agustí Canals (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
9:45 CEST
Activity:Research seminar

5may202214:00ONLINE: The economic impact of Forest Certification in Spain Germán Arana (UPV/EHU)
14:00 CEST
Activity:Research seminar

27apr202216:00- 19:00IN PERSON: Meetings d'Innovació de la Universitat de Barcelona16:00 - 19:00 Activity:Other activities

25apr202212:00IN PERSON: Understanding Entrepreneurial Legitimacy in the digital space: The Where, The Who and The How Lizbeth Elaine Arroyo Carrasco (Universitat de Barcelona)
12:00 CEST
Activity:PhD Thesis Defence

17mar202216:00HYBRID: Structural equation modeling (SEM) in STATA and R: The interplay of entrepreneurial orientation, total quality management, and financial performance Ljiljan Veselinović (University of Sarajevo)
16:00 CET
Activity:Research seminar

12jan202215:30ONLINE: Three essays on Business Groups discount in Chile: Theory and empirical study Rodrigo Hernán González González (Universitat de Barcelona)
15:30 CET
Activity:PhD Thesis Defence

30nov202115:30HYBRID: Opportunities for research in businesses: new theoretical frameworks, new empirical methodologies Amparo Cervera Taulet (Universitat de València)
Activity:Research seminar

23nov202115:00ONLINE: Impact of Advanced Servitized Products on the Longitudinal Performance of Sales in International Markets: The Moderating Role of Distribution Channels Jonathan Calleja (Universitat de Barcelona)
15:00 CET
Activity:Research seminar

2nov202114:00FACE-TO-FACE: Toward a gendered history of international business history: the case of global Singer Paula de la Cruz-Fernández (University of Florida)
14:00 CET
Activity:Research seminar