Become a partner institution

Over the years, our university has developed its profile as an international centre and we look forward to continuing on this path. The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona has been welcoming international students since 1995 and has ever since developed and broadened its network of partner universities. The internationalization of our Faculty is a key issue for us, as well as providing our students with the opportunity of exploring new cultures and learning environments through their participation in an exchange program. To achieve this goal our faculty is constantly searching for new quality partner universities.
Establishing a bilateral agreement with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB allows the exchange of students between both institutions, for one semester or the whole academic year, without paying academic fees at the host institution. During this period they will follow the courses offered by the host institution and once the exchange period has finished a transcript of records will be sent to the partner university. The recognition of the courses attended at the host institution depends solely on the home institution of the student (UB or foreign university).

Every academic year, the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB, welcomes a large number of exchange students from other universities worldwide. Our offer comes along with a high quality study plan and an extensive experience with international students:

  • The academic offer of the Faculty of Economics and Business includes the Bachelor Degrees of International Business, Businesss Administration and Management, Economics, Sociology and Statistics.
  • The Master offer can be found in the following link: Master programmes.
  • The list of courses offered to international exchange students can be found in the International Exchange Students webpage: Courses
  • In the International Exchange Students webpage we provide to prospective exchange students all the information they may need in order to ensure their success in the exchange process: International exchange students webpage.

In order to become a partner institution, universities need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The first step we take as a center is to evaluate the future and possible partnership between the two universities. Here, at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona we take great care in assuring that the study plans and course offer of the possible partner suit the needs of our students.Generally the information we ask our future partners and consider in the evaluation process is:
  • The study fields offered by the partner university: Bachelor and Master degrees, which may be relevant according to the academic offer of our Faculty.
  • The list of specific courses offered to international exchange students, including the semester in which are offered, their language of instruction and ECTS credits.
  • General information regarding the University (rankings, international recognition, awards and international qualification, etc.)
  • Specific information and facilities offered to exchange students (accommodation, language courses, webpage for international exchange students, etc).
  • Upon on the receipt of the above mentioned information, both universities should decide upon the possibility of signing an agreement. Therefore, please, send us all the information necessary, thus ensuring a correct evaluation and a proper decision on our behalf.
  • Once the both parts decide upon the signing of a bilateral agreement, we are going to send a proposal of the bilateral agreement to the partner institution. During the process of approval of the agreement, any modifications suggested by one institution need to be consulted to our juridical advisers, before deciding, in order to make sure that the changes proposed can be approved.
  • Once both parts have agreed on the number of students that can be sent by each institutions during an academic course, the study field/s that it will include, as well as the other conditions previously established, the bilateral agreement is signed by both parts.
  • After the bilateral agreement is signed, both institutions become partners and the exchange of students can begin under the terms and conditions established.

Universities interested in establishing a bilateral agreement with our institution, should not hesitate to contact us at: