Research Group in Analytic Philosophy


  • Mireia López, LOGOS student, was awarded her PhD on 10 February, 2016. Congratulations, Mireia!

  • John Horden has been offered a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas (UNAM). Congratulations, John!

  • Ivan Milić, LOGOS student, was awarded his PhD on 28 January, 2016. Congratulations, Ivan!

  • The European Training Network Diaphora, financed by the European Commission under grant agreement H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015-675415 and coordinated by the University of Barcelona, offers 14 3-year positions in philosophy at predoctoral level, starting 01.10.2016. Diaphora joins the Universities of Barcelona, Munich, Neuchâtel, Stirling, Stockholm and Edinburgh and the ENS Paris (Institut Jean Nicod) as consortium partners. Each consortium partner offers 2 predoctoral positions. 

    The deadline for applications is 08.02.2016. Owing to internal UK visa regulations, the period of application for the posts offered by the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling is extended to 23.02.2016 at midnight (CET). Offers are expected to be made no later than 04.03.2016.
    For further particulars, please consult:

  • After having received a large number of expressions of interest already, LOGOS no longer considers expressions of interests for the 2016 Juan de la Cierva calls.

  • John Horden, LOGOS student, was awarded his PhD on 11 December, 2015. Congratulations, John!

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