Research Group in Analytic Philosophy


  • Adrian Briciu, LOGOS student, was awarded his PhD on 14 July, 2015. Congratulations, Adrian!

  • Giovanni Merlo has been awarded a 2-year postdoc fellowship with the SNF Sinergia grounding project at the University of Hamburg. Congratulations, Giovanni!

  • LOGOS-student Carlos M. Muñoz-Suárez has co-edited a volume on Daniel Dennett’s philosophy, published with Springer. Congratulations, Carlos!

  • Roger Delofeu and Javier Suárez received one of the 2015 SLMFCE Best Contribution Awards for their joint conference paper on the philosophy of biology. Congratulations, Roger and Javier!

  • 2015-06-01 - Giovanni Merlo, LOGOS student, was awarded his PhD on 1 June, 2015. Congratulations, Giovanni!

  • The LOGOS coordinator's application for a Horizon 2020 European Training Network has been successful. Congratulations, Sven!

Next Colloquium

  • TBA

    Gunnar Bjornsson (Umea)

    07 October 2015

    Seminari de Filosofia UB

Upcoming Events

  • Content in Sender-Receiver Models

    25 November 2015


  • PMW5 & MoT2—PERSP Metaphysics Workshop 5 & The Makings of    Truth 2

    10 - 11 December 2015