Research Program

and cell

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Cancer​

Josep Mª Argilés

Gut microbiota-host interaction

Laura Baldomà

Molecular Neurobiology

Enric I. Canela

Integrative Systems Biology, Metabolomics and Cancer

Marta Cascante

Neural Commitment and Differentiation

Antonella Consiglio

Structural Biology of Human Nuclear Receptors

Eva Estébanez-Perpiñà

Molecular physiology​

Antonio Felipe Campo

Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (MPET)

Marçal Pastor-Anglada


Xavier Remesar

Development and Regeneration Biology

Emili Saló

Lipid metabolism in obesity, diabetes and cancer

Dolors Serra/Laura Herrero

Molecular metabolism and disease

Francesc Villarroya/Marta Giralt

WT1 in cell plasticity​

Ofelia M. Martínez

Molecular Cardiology

Anna Planavila

Nuclear Receptors in metabolism, immune responses and cancer

Annabel Valledor/Carmen Caelles

Molecular basis of metabolic pathologies and associated to membrane transporters

Anna Gumà/Marta Camps

Cell Signaling

Diego Haro/Pedro Marrero

and disease

Molecular genetics of retinal inherited dystrophies

Roser Gonzalez-Duarte/Gemma Marfany

Human Molecular Genetics I

Daniel Grinberg/Susana Balcells/Bru Cormand


Genetics and Genomics of Neural wiring

Marta Morey

Developmental Biology and Genomics Group

Montserrat Corominas/Florenci Serras

Evolution and Development (Evo-Devo)

Jordi Garcia Fernández

Environmental Risk factors related to mental disorders and the GxExD interaction Model

Lourdes Fañanás

Genetics of Cell Behaviour

Sofia J. Araújo


Drug and

Methodological research in Heterocyclic Synthesis

Maria Lluïsa Bennasar

Synthetic Methodology and Natural Product Synthesis

Josep Bonjoch / Maria Lluïsa Bennasar

SINTEFARMA (Research and Development Center of Organic Synthesis for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies)

Joan Bosch / Mercedes Amat

Neurotoxicity and Neuropharmacology of amphetamine derivatives

Jordi Camarasa

Synthetic Methodology Applied to Bioactive Products

Jordi García Gómez

Bioimaging, bioconjugation, structural studies and therapeutic applications involving small molecules, peptides and oligonucleotides

Anna Grandas / Vicente Marchan

Synthesis and applications of cyclometallated compounds

Jaume Granell

Nuclear receptor and pharmacology of metabolism

Joan Carles Laguna Egea

Computational biology and drug design

F. Javier Luque

Multitarget anti-Alzheimer and chemotherapeutic compounds

Diego Muñoz Torrero

Physico-chemical characterization and estimation of the biological activity of bioactive compounds

Martí Rosés

Polycyclic Compounds with Biological Activity

Santiago Vázquez

Pharmacological targets in inflammation and metabolic diseases

Manuel Vázquez Carrera

Group of Medicinal Chemistry for Unmet Medical Needs

Carmen Escolano

Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry Lab (BNP Lab)

Judit Tulla

Stereselective Synthesis of Antitumoral and Antiviral Compounds

Anna M. Costa/ Jaume Vilarrasa

New Chemical Methodologies for Facilitated Biology-Oriented Synthesis

Rodolfo Lavilla