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4th Annual Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean Conference 2023 - English version

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Barcelona, november 27, 2023. Aula Magna. Historic Building. University of Barcelona

Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean is an industry leadership conference organized by the Torribera Mediterranean Center (TMC)

Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean aims to help the restaurant, foodservice industry and affiliated sectors better understand and transfer the healthful, sustainable, and cultural principles of the Mediterranean Diet into menus and products suited to the demands of 21st century consumers.

The Mediterranean Diet is unquestionably one of the world’s healthiest, not to mention delicious, ways to eat. Its benefits to our physical and mental health are settled science, as leading researchers from all over the globe, from Harvard to the University of Barcelona, have been proving for decades.

This year’s TTM Conference will revolve around five themes reflecting the interdisciplinary focus of our TMC work: As research on the optimal, traditional Mediterranean diet continues, we’ll hear an overview of results of the latest studies as well as what’s on the research agenda of leading nutrition scientists in areas including lifestyle, wellness, Mediterranean diet, cardiovascular and brain health, cancer, microbiota, prevention of inflammation and other chronic diseases, and emerging areas of translational research.

We’ll discover how innovators are crafting a larger role for irresistible vegetables and other plant-sourced dishes on their menus.

While cooking with olive oil is second nature to chefs and cooks in the Mediterranean, we’ll consider the art and science of applying low and high heat to olive oil and extra- virgin olive oil—looking at results from a nutritional, sensory and gastronomic point of view.

We’ll explore what the plant-forward Mediterranean diet means today in food cultures and restaurant menus of the traditional olive growing regions of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

Finally, we look at the challenge of educating the public about the optimal, traditional Mediterranean diet—specifically in mass media, caterings, restaurants, healthcare and school settings—and what can be done to deepen general understanding of this healthy, climate-smart dietary pattern beyond sound bites and social media posts.

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