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Healthy and sustainable societies. Panel discussion

21 June, 2022
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First panel discussion of the LERU_EGHRIN Global Health Town Hall Meeting: "Healthy people, healthy societies: an integrated approach" on June 13-14th, 2022 at the Aula Magna of the University of Barcelona. Discussion moderated by Pedro Alonso, University of Barcelona.

-Health promotion and prevention for non-communicable diseases and mental health by Thomas G. Schultze, LMU Munich

-Strategies against poverty-related diseases by Meta Roestenberg, Leiden University

-Preparedness for and resonse to health emergencies and pandemics, health system and societal resilience by Judit Vall Castelló, UB

-Health in relation to the environment by Cathryn Tonne, Barcelona Institute for Global Health

COVID-19 has contributed to revisiting and redefining the Global Health research and innovation agenda. LERU in collaboration with EGHRIN have jointly identified the need and relevance of this Global Health research agenda for Europe and beyond, the multi-inter and trans-disciplinary dimensions of this research agenda, the potential for interdisciplinary collaborative research, the potential for working across borders, the potential for linking this research agenda to higher education, the added oppportunities for Global Health beyond research and education: innovation & translation and the potential for funding across EU and other instruments.  For 2 days, this town hall meeting will analyse and discuss these issues around 4 major areas: Healthy and sustainable societies, Equitable access to Health, Health communication and miscommunication and Information Technologies for Health.  

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