Characterization of the lithic resources of the Picamoixons site (Tarragona, NE Iberian Peninsula). María Soto

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  • SESSION 2 – Ancient lithic trade and economics
    Characterization of the lithic resources of the Picamoixons site (Tarragona, NE Iberian Peninsula): catchement and mobility during the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary

    Discovered in 1972, two field seasons were carried out during the years 1988 and 1993, due to extended damage on the surface of the archaeological deposit. These campaigns allowed for the recovery and characterisation of the archaeological material of the first level, and also identified and established the stratigraphical and chrono-cultural context of the occupation. The study that we present focusses on the raw material analysis of the lithic assemblage recovered in 1993.

    A previous techno-typological study (García Catalán et al., 2009) indicated that the assemblage shows the typical features of the Mediterranean late glacial context, with blade cores, flakes, blades, and retouched instruments, such as endscrapers, sidescrapers, denticulates, burins, backed bladelets, and points.

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