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    One of the objectives University of Barcelona has with the creation of the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus is to add to this project the maximum number of institutions, companies and universities with the object to share to the fullest extent both the facilities and generated knowledge through research and innovation, as well as to jointly face problem resolution, boost food culture and act as a qualified opinion regarding social concerns. The main goal of this process is to achieve a series of relations and agreements with the different actors and agents taking part in the food sector, with particular emphasis in the health area. This clear will to participate in the articulation of the agri-food world is realized through the search of a path which brings closer gastronomic and culinary sciences, a key sector for the Catalan economy, to the university and its research culture.

  • el projecte

    We open Campus' infrastructures and facilities

    The Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus, promoted by the University of Barcelona, wants to offer its facilities and equipment to the companies and institutions which may be interested, specially those which add value to the food sector. The quality of its surroundings and the excellent facilities of the Campus make possible to organize external activities and the renting of spaces whenever these events are compatible with academic activity.

  • recinte torribera

    Employability and labor integration

    Another great objective for the UB is to offer to its students a good level of knowledge, skills and competences that allow them to face the needs of the labor market. Hence the high concern for the employability and labor integration of our graduates.
    As of today, the studies of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology do not have any indicators, since the first student graduations haven't finished yet. However, there is evidence endorsing a strong demand for this kind of professionals in the business world.
    Feina UB is the unit linked to UB's Student Support Service which offers to students several activities, services and useful tools related to employability.

  • estructura del campus

    Practicals and placements

    The students of the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus have the opportunity to get trained in real working environments such as institutions, hospitals and companies linked with the corresponding studies. The offered places, as well as the conditions of each agreement, are published annually. Also, it is necessary to make students aware of the financial aids and grant schemes intended to do internships abroad, like Leonardo Da Vinci program -part of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union-.

  • model organitzatiu

    Business Chairs

    University of Barcelona, knowing the great importance of the productive sector's involvement (companies and institutions) in the developing of higher education, has promoted its implication by means of the academically acknowledged concept of Business Chair. With the object to ensure the effectiveness of these initiatives, it has been published the Regulation for the process of creation and functioning of UB's thematic chairs, approved in the Research Commission of the UB on June 28, 2006.

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    Awards of institutions and companies

    The UB-Ferran Adrià Award with Gallina Blanca Star was created to promote the studies in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology among the high school students, in addition to boost those research works (treballs de recerca) which link the different sciences with the daily reality of the cuisine world. University of Barcelona organizes, since 2009, an award for those research works having to do with nutrition and the food sector.

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