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Facultats promotores

Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus is an open, transversal project which comes to reality thank to the collaboration between teaching staff and investigators from different faculties, departments and research groups belonging to UB's institutes. This is a project with the clear objective to allow other institutions and universities to take active part in the future following different cooperation models.

University of Barcelona's units which either participate as promoters, offer subjects linked to the bachelor's degrees in Human Nutrition and Food Science and Technology or which are part of the research groups involved in the R&D activities attached to the campus:


  • Faculty of Pharmacy

    It is the main faculty in the origin of the project, specially regarding provision of human resources and the transfer of the two degree courses hosted in the campus: Food Science and Technology and Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Moreover, it adds several masters to the campus: a) those directly held in Torribera, like the Master in Food Safety, in collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Catalan Food Safety Agency (part of Generalitat de Catalunya's Public Health Agency), and b) those linked to the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus but hosted in the Barcelona Knowledge Campus.
    The secretary of Torribera's Campus, in all that having to do with the studies attached to the Faculty of Pharmacy, depends on the Faculty of Pharmacy. The practical training activities are coordinated with the Teaching Laboratories Unit (ULD) of this faculty.


Other faculties with departments involved in the bachelor's degrees hosted in the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus are:


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