UB_Economics_1807editedThe Executive MBA at the Universitat de Barcelona Business School reaches its 25th edition this academic year. Since 1992, this programme has trained businessmen and businesswomen of all kinds. In 2017/18 we will be welcoming 26 students from 12 different countries. As a result, the degree of internationalisation is very high and the percentage of foreign students climbs to 80%.

Taking gender into account, there is a larger proportion of men than women, with 73% against 27%. The same figures show that this year’s class is 32 years old on average. Students also have between four and 17 years of professional experience.

The programme will officially start on October 2nd. However, next Friday students will have the chance to walk into the classroom as a Welcome Session is scheduled with the Executive MBA directors Laura Guitart and Xavier Garcia, as well as the director of the Career Services at the Faculty of Economics and Business Raquell Villero. On Saturday, the “indoor training” will take place, with which the academic year will be officially launched.

The Executive MBA provides entrepreneurs, businesspeople, general managers and middle-management staff with a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the management techniques and executive skills involved in business organisation and administration. Our methodology is practical, active and highly participatory, using case studies, debates, tutorial sessions, expert lectures and simulations. The teaching staff from the Executive MBA is formed mostly by professionals from successful companies and university lecturers with extensive experience in the academia.