The Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona hosted a PhD in Business Workshop on February 21st, 2017, which showcased current research by doctoral students at the Universitat de Barcelona Business School. This workshop provided a unique opportunity for PhD students in Business to present and discuss their work with peers and academic staff. Topics ranged from competition and innovation to state of the art in business research and performance measurement interventions, among others.

The final programme of the workshop included six presentations by Ryan Armstrong, Keivan Amirbagheri, Lijue Li, Karla Hernández, Estefanía Alaminos and Cristian Granados. A call for papers was sent out from the Universitat de Barcelona Business School inviting proposals for the PhD in Business Workshop. Submissions were assessed based on the quality and creativity of the paper and the likelihood of acceptance for publication in a JCR listed journal or other top field journals. Therefore, all papers had to fulfill the specific formatting requirements of a target journal.