The UB Business School welcomed 26 new students to the MSc in Business Research programme this year. Some of them come from Asia (36%), others from America (36%), and the remaining 4% from Europe. Altogether, there are 12 nationalities represented in this class where the average age is 30 years old.

This diverse group of people will now pursue an official one-year programme which provides students with advanced training in the research skills, techniques and methodologies to conduct their own research in business. These students enrolled on the MSc in Business Research have an undergraduate degree in Business Management or Administration (50%), Economics (27%), Others (12%) and Mathematics or Engineering (11%).

The director of the programme, Dr Josep Maria Argilés Bosch, welcomed the new class of the MSc in Business research on October 2, 2023. During this session, students received guidance on the programme as well as all resources and services offered by the university.