Doing a PhD

Doing a PhD

Completing a doctoral programme (PhD) implies not only achieving the highest level of academic qualification, but also carrying out research of the highest level and becoming fully immersed in this fascinating experience for the duration of your studies.

If you are considering a doctoral programme, be aware that the UB is the top-ranked university in Catalonia and Spain according to the international rankings, and is recognized for excellence in research.

The doctoral programme at the Faculty of Law

The doctoral programme in Law and Political Science is designed to provide advanced training to researchers in the various fields of law and political science. The duration of the programme is 3-4 years full time, or 5-6 years part-time. This culminates with the presentation and defence of a doctoral thesis.

Lines of research

The Doctoral programme in Law and Political Science is integrated by seventeen research areas and draws on the participation of more than 100 members of teaching staff.

  • Bioethics and Law
  • Political Sciences
  • Criminology and Legal and Penal sociology
  • Administrative Law
  • Canonical and Eclesiastical State Law
  • Civil Law
  • Constitucional Law
  • Labour Law and Social Security
  • Financial and Tax Law
  • Private International Law
  • Public International Law and international Relations
  • Comercial Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences
  • Procedural Law
  • Roman Law
  • Philosophy of Law
  • History of Law

Doctoral Programme Funding

The programme can be studied independently or on a doctoral grant, including those offered by the UB, the Generalitat, the Ministry of Education, and private entities. More information can be found at the UB webpage on doctoral grants, and the Faculty of Law research calls page, where public and private doctoral scholarships are announced.

Requirements for admission

1) One of the following qualifications:

  1. An official master’s degree issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which the programme’s academic committee considers to have offered sufficient research-oriented training in the fields of Bioethics, Law, Political Science, Criminology, Public Management and Administration, International Relations and/or Labour Relations.
  2. A diploma issued in accordance with an educational system outside the EHEA, which certifies a level of education equivalent to the above.

2) Undergraduate and master’s degree academic records.

3) Curriculum vitae and letter of intent.

4) Sufficient knowledge of the English language (level B2 or equivalent).

More information

Further information can be found by visiting the website of the University of Barcelona Doctoral School (EDUB).

For academic information only, contact the programme coordinator Jordi Bonet Pérez

The research in numbers

  3 European research projects

  21 National research projects

  26 Doctoral theses completed in 2020-2021

  16 Research groups