The University of Barcelona is a leading research university in Spain. The Faculty of Law’s research staff produce highly acclaimed research within the framework of 20 consolidated research groups that participate extensively in competitively funded research projects within Spain and internationally. The Faculty also has four observatories and one research institute.

The Faculty of Law has its own research support services and throughout the year organizes numerous conferences, workshops and seminars on research methodology, evaluation and dissemination, led by the Faculty’s researchers and guest researchers from other universities and national and international research centres.

Research groups

Research at the Faculty is structured primarily through the research groups, although individual projects are also carried out. The research groups are composed of researchers with common interests, an established trajectory and a defined strategy to develop a scientific activity and generate knowledge in their areas of specialization, producing valuable research outputs.

The Faculty currently boasts 15 consolidated research groups recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2017–2019).

Research projects

The research groups and, in some cases, individual researchers, develop their lines of research through participation in numerous projects of regional, national, European and international scope.

Currently, the Faculty’s researchers are involved in 4 European projects and coordinate 15 national research projects and two thematic  networks, in addition to 8 regional research projects in Catalonia.

Doctoral studies

The doctoral programme in Law and Political Science is designed firstly to offer advanced research training in the different areas of law and political science. Students complete a series of activities that provide the skills and competence to prepare, present and defend a doctoral thesis in their chosen research area.

The research in numbers

  3 European research projects

  21 National research projects

  26 Doctoral theses completed in 2020-2021

  16 Research groups

Highlighted journal publications

    Highlighted journal publications
    Balance y transformaciones del sistema de partidos en España (1977-1987)

    Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS)

    Cesáreo R. Aguilera de Prat

Highlighted book publications

    Highlighted book publications
    LET'S GOVERN TOGETHER The Formation of a Coalition Government

    Jordi Matas Dalmases

    Highlighted book publications
    El derecho, la ciudad y la vivienda en la nueva concepción del desarrollo urbano: desafíos transnacionales y transdisciplinarios de la gobernanza en la Nueva Agenda Urbana

    Coordinadors: Juli Ponce Solé, Oscar Capdeferro Villagrasa, Wellington Migliari

    Highlighted book publications
    La descoberta del dret romà a l'Occident medieval // The discovery of roman law in the medieval west

    Highlighted book publications
    Derecho electoral español

    Miguel Pérez-Moneo, Esther Pano Puey, María Garrote de Marcos


    Highlighted book publications
    Establecimiento permanente en la era Post-Beps

    Angelina Bauzá Martínez