Visiting researchers

visiting researchers

To encourage research collaboration and strengthen ties with other universities, each year the Faculty of Law welcomes researchers from other institutions. As an invited researcher you will be able to access the library and other services and resources at the Faculty of Law during your stay. You will also be invited to attend events, conferences, and seminars, and to interact with our professors and students.


To be able to complete a stay as a foreign researcher you must be invited by a professor at the Faculty of Law.

Please note:

  1. The necessary administrative procedures that must be fulfilled for foreign researchers, EU and non-EU, to visit Barcelona. More information on this page.
  2. Full health and accident insurance that includes coverage for repatriation is needed, and must cover the entire period of your stay. The UB will not be responsible for covering any costs in case of accident and repatriation.

Access to UB Services

Depending on the duration of your stay, the following formalities will be necessary:

For a stay of 1 month or less, to obtain access to our electronic resources submit this form to the Faculty of Law library, completed and signed by the inviting professor and the Vice-dean of Research and International Relations.

For stays exceeding 1 month, you can apply for an identification number as external staff, which gives you access to the library’s electronic resources from any computer. It is advised to request this at least one month prior to your arrival in Barcelona.

  1. Fill in this form and send it scanned to
  2. Once the credentials have been gained, send an email to requesting access to the electronic resources.

You can also get a card that identifies you as a visiting researcher (please, fill this form). It is recommended to request it at least one month before your arrival to Barcelona. This card will allow you access to the following services:

  1. Consultation and loan in the UB libraries
  2. UB sports
  3. Catalan language courses: Welcome to the UB!
  4. Spanish language courses


For further information on any of these matters, contact the Office of the Vice-dean of Research and International Relations (

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