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Plenary 1: Building a new European university from scratch: implementation process, commitments, and cross sectoral reforms

22 Diciembre, 2022
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Presenter: Ander Errasti Lopez   

Presentation: Meritxell Chaves, CHARM-EU Alliance Manager


· Núria Casamitjana. University of Barcelona
· Padraig Carmody. Director of CHARM-EU at Trinity College Dublin
· Jan Haarhuis. Utrecht University
· Ferenc Takó.  Eötvös Loránd University
· Gilles Subra. University of Montpellier

Summary: The session will start with a 15-minute presentation regarding the outcomes the first CHARM-EU phase. Then, there will be a panel were CHARM-EU partners’ representatives will share their “peer learning” experience from these years and will discuss new priorities, which follows up on the implementation of the new project: CHARM-EIGHT.  

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