Bofill, Silvia

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Silvia Bofill Poch is an Associate Professor at the Social Anthropology Department of the University of Barcelona. She has done research in the fields of Political Anthropology and Mexican Ethnology. Her PhD focused on the analysis of forestry policies and community forestry in Mexico (Michoacan), with particular attention to community-based forestry enterprises. She has been visiting scholar at ‘El Colegio de Michoacan’. She has also worked in Ageing and policy making. Her most recent work addresses cultural, economic and juridical issues around the care of aged people, with a particular interest in gender differentiation. Her work focuses also on global care chains, in particular the relationship between immigrant women workers in the domestic sector and the political and juridical frameworks that channel the flows of care work. Some of her most important publications are: Bosque político. Los avatares de la construcción de una comunidad modelo (San Juan Nuevo, Michoacán, 1981-2001); “Aging and Loneliness in Catalonia: The Social Dimension of Food Behavior” (Aging International); “Cuidado formal e informal en Cataluña. Un análisis de la percepción de las mujeres mayores en relación a sus derechos y obligaciones en materia de cuidados y atención” (Etnográfica); “La injustícia en la vellesa” (Revista d’Etnologia de Catalunya). Amongst others, she has participated in the European Project Food in Later Life. Choosing foods, eating meals: sustaining independece and quality of life (V Framework Program).