Marambio-Tapia, Alejandro

Alejandro Marambio-Tapia holds a BSc Communications with a minor in Sociology, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He also holds a MA in Social Communication and a MSc in Sociology of Modernization, both from the University of Chile. His master dissertation focused on the Chilean middle-income groups’ indebtedness, and its place in the social structure, being awarded with the first place in a national contest of postgraduate dissertations by the Consumption Citizen’s Observatory, a public-private committee.

After being awarded with the Becas-Chile scholarship, he became a PhD candidate at the Sociology Department and the Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives, of the University of Manchester. He is also a doctoral fellow at the Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies, in Chile. He is currently visiting the Grassroots Economics ERC project [GRECO].

His ongoing doctoral dissertation focuses in the social meaning of the credit practices for the low and moderate income families in the urban settings of Chile. His aim is to investigate the standardization of credit practices at the micro level, to analyse the processes of moral legitimization and strategic adaptation that the households have been elaborating to operate and justify their economic rationality. Debt is placed in a context of ordinary and everyday consumption, in the finances of poor and moderate income households.