Conference “Grassroots economics: Meaning, project and practice in the pursuit of livelihood” Oñati, Gipuzkoa 23-27 June 2018

Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica, Oñati, Gipuzkoa, Narotzky, S. (org.)


Narotzky, S. (2018) Presenter in Roundtable “Livelihoods, power, and economics: Grassroots insights for theory development”

BofillSílvia (2018) “Joint struggles for care in the context of crisis: (in)solidarities and moral community”

Homs, Patricia (2018) “Resilient austerity: Cooperatives and entrepreneurship in Catalonia”

Loperfido, Giacomo (2018) “Bankruptcy, or Life Failure? Entrepreneurialism and Entrepreneurial Suicides in Veneto, Italy”

Matos, Patricia (2018) “The morality of needs in times of austerity: struggles over resources, recognition and deservingness”

Palomera, Jaime (2018) “The big financial squeeze. Rent-seeking, the crisis of redistribution and the working class in Tarragona (Spain)”

Pusceddu, Antonio Maria (2018) “Work, wage and subsidy: Making a living between regulation and informalization”

SarkisDiana (2018) “Citizenships in tension: Grassroots political models in the crisis (Vélez-Málaga)”

Vetta, Theodora (2018) “Labor trade-offs and privatization of energy in Greece”

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