• The Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona invites applications for three-year Post-Doctoral positions beginning Fall 2016:Department of Economic Theory Fields of interest:
    • Development and Growth
    • International Trade
    • Macroeconomics and Monetary

    Further information: https://econjobmarket.org/AdDetails.php?posid=3580

    Department of Econometrics

    Fields of interest:

    • Econometrics
    • Urban, Rural and Regional Economics
    • Risk Management and Financial Econometrics
    • Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation

    Further information: https://econjobmarket.org/postings.php?posid=3588

    Department of Economic History, Institutions and World Economy

    Fields of interest:

    • Economic History
    • Development and Growth
    • Area Studies

    Further information: https://econjobmarket.org/AdDetails.php?posid=3599

    Application Instructions

    Deadline for applications: 22 December 2015*

    Applications must be sent via the EconJobMarket website: https://econjobmarket.org.


Aquí trobareu les diferents vacants ofertes al 2010:

  • Post Doctoral position at the Economic History Department UB. The UB and the Spanich Ministry of Science and Innovation offer a 5-years-long postdoctoral position in Economic History, starting in the fall 2010, under the Ramon y Cajal program initiative.Find more information here. Closed.
  • The Departament de Teoria Econòmica, at Universitat de Barcelona, (www.ub.edu/teco) is offering a post-doctoral fellowship starting in January 2011, conditioned to the securing of a Ramon y Cajal grant. It is a highly competitive call. Find the details of the grant here.Closed.



Aquí trobareu les diferents vacants ofertes al 2009:

  • Juan de la Cierva 2009. CLOSED
  • Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Applied Economics Department UAB. More information here.CLOSED