The first cohort of MSc in International Business (MIB) students is a diverse group of 26 highly capable graduates from all corners of the world. Around 90% of our students are from abroad, with 17 nationalities represented. The large majority of students come from Europe (65%), followed by the Americas (27%) and Asia (8%).

Students on the MIB typically have an undergraduate degree in Business Management or International Business from universities such as the University of Vienna, University of Basel, University of St. Gallen, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina and Bocconi University, among many other universities.

As many as 85.5% of the class already have previous employment experience in an international business environment. With such educational and professional backgrounds, the MIB students and lecturers will benefit from an intellectually stimulating environment.

Overall, the gender breakdown within the MIB class of 2019 is 54% male students and 46% female, close to reaching gender balance. The average age of the students is 25 years old. The age group profile of applicants is slightly in favour of the ‘under 22’ group, which accounts for 38% of all students, followed by students under 25 (35%) and students above 26 (27%).

The director of the programme, Dr Merce Bernardo, welcomed our inaugural cohort of MIB students on September 20th, 2018. The MIB programme at the UB Business School is a newly created master’s degree, designed to train specialists in global business management, with a strong focus on finance, marketing, operations, human resources and strategic management. The inaugural cohort will graduate in 2019.