The Business School at the Universitat of Barcelona welcomed 28 new students that joined this year the MSc in International Business. Most of them come from Europe (72%), Asia (14%) and America (14%). Altogether, there are 16 nationalities represented on this class where the average age is 24 years old.  

This diverse group of people -with a gender split of 46% men and 54% women- will now pursue an officialone-year programme taught in English, designed to train specialists in global business management and covers the fields of finance and accounting, marketing, operations, human resources and strategic management. These students enrolled on the MSc in International Business have an undergraduate degree in Business Management or Administration (92,9%), and Economics (7,1%). 

The director of the programme, Dr Fariza Achcaoucaou, welcomed the new class of the MSc in International Business on September 17th. During this session, students received guidance on the programme as well as all resources and services offered by the university, including general recommendations related to Covid-19.