Milena Gómez Cedeño receives the UB Extraordinary Doctoral prize. / GX

Milena Gómez Cedeño receives the UB Extraordinary Doctoral prize. / GX

PhD alumni of the UB Business School Maria Carla Antonini Morales and Milena Gómez Cedeño have each received an UB Extraordinary Doctoral Prize for their outstanding PhD thesis in Business at the award ceremony that took place in the main hall of the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona on April 19th, 2018. Maria Carla Antonini is the award winner for the 2015/16 academic year, while Milena Gómez Cedeño is the recipient for 2014/15. This prize is awarded to the best PhD theses among those which received the Cum Laude distinction.

Maria Carla Antonini received the UB Extraordinary Doctoral Prize for her PhD thesis An emprirical analysis of environmental externalities incidence on financial performance, supervised by Dr. Josep Maria Argilés Bosch. The main goal of this thesis is to find empirical evidence suggesting that environmental indicators can be a good way to integrate environmental and accounting information. The dissertation is made up of three independent articles exploring boundaries settling of environmental indicators for sustainability reporting, the use of proxy indicators and the relationship between environmental and economic performance.

Dr. Antonini is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Trento, where she collaborates with an international research consortium in order to find a new social and environmental impact accountability framework. The aim of the study is to explore the potential of multiple stakeholder engagement to define the most appropriate accountability framework and finding the best set of specific performance indicators. “It is an immense honor to receive this price that goes also for Dr. Josep Maria Argiles Bosh, Dr. Carlos Larrinaga, the camaraderie and support of all professors of the UB Department of Accounting and, of course, my family. Hopefully this study will motivate others to also endeavor to improve the environmental impact of our business as usual”, she said.

Milena Gómez Cedeño was awarded an UB Extraordinary Doctoral Prize for his PhD thesis Incidencia de los recursos humanos en la cadena de suministro, supervised by Dr. Laura Guitart Tarrés and Dr. José María Castán Farrero. Her research shows that the supply chain management has emerged as a strategic organisational process that is driven by human interaction, filling the research gap between the fields of supply chain and human resources, with the aim of improving the performance of companies.

Dr. Gómez Cedeño is currently a researcher in the Panama’s National Research System (SNI) and lecturer/researcher at Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technological University of Panama. She carries out research on human resources linked to the supply chain. After finishing her PhD at the University of Barcelona, her doctoral thesis is about to be published in book format.

“The UB Extraordinary Doctoral Prize is a high distinction. It recognises the commitment, effort and passion for science and the search for a better society. I never imagined getting such distinction”, she explained. “On a personal, professional and scientific level it was one of the best stages of my life. It is a privilege to be able to devote your life to science and doing it at the University of Barcelona, an institution committed to education, society and science, has been a double privilege. Thank you Panama”, she added.