This year, coinciding with the inauguration of the academic year, the new edition of ‘The UB in figures‘ publishes the most outstanding data from last academic year. The document offers a view on the academic activity and shows its evolution over the last courses.

For the academic year 2020-2021, a total of 73 bachelor’s degrees courses, 15 dual study pathways, 162 master’s degrees courses and 48 doctoral programmes have been approved. Nowadays the UB has established agreements with 116 of the top 200 universities in the world, as ranked by Time Higher Education. In fact, the University has 3,754 Internationalization Agreements with universities and other institutions outside of Spain; 68 active Erasmus+ programmes; 307 members of International teaching and research staff; students with 137 different nationalities and a total of 10,440 international students so far.

There are other key figures that illustrate well the international vocation of the University of Barcelona, such as the 1,705 international students in exchange programs and the 1,392 UB students in international centers. This edition offers more significant data, such as the funds raised for research; 144,634,109 euros in 2019, with an increase of 11,250,789 from 2018 and 56,308,204 euros from 2017. Finally, in the chapter dedicated to research, the report informs about 932 active research projects and 544 thesis defences.

Students feedback on the new tools implemented during the Covid-19 first wave were overall positive; in particular, doctoral students appreciated the possibility of submitting their thesis on the Virtual Campus.

ConnectaUB grant programme helped supply laptops and/or internet connections to 319 students during the lockdown period and 1,028 bachelor seeking students in Medicine and Nursing offered their services to the Catalan Department of Health as volunteers.