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Sustainable Finance

14 February, 2023
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First session of the XI International Academic Symposium: Green Investments for the Energy Transition on February 7th, 2023 at the University of Barcelona.

Chair: Soledad Núñez (Banco de España)

“Why do firms issue green bonds?”, Julien Xavier Daubanes (University of Geneva)
“Dynamic (Mis)allocation of investments in solar energy”, Nicolas Hatem (Paris School of Economics)
“Green innovation and energy efficiency: Moderating effect of institutional quality based on the threshold model”, Rocío Román Collado (University of Sevilla)
“Quantifying the value of reduced investment risk under different green energy support policies”, Cristina Pizarro (University of the Basque Country)

Achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement will require the mobilization of a large number of resources over the coming decades. These resources will be allocated to the development and implementation of suitable initiatives, new disruptive technologies, large-scale green infrastructures and novel methods of production and resources management. To achieve this critical transformation, it is essential to establish an efficient framework to channel financial support from private and public sources indistinctively. This Symposium offers a platform for debate and discussion of the opportunities and challenges for the achievement of a green and sustainable economy, characterized by its inclusiveness and resilience.


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