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Lorem ipsumThe UB-Bullipèdia Unit, found in the first floor of the administration building (La Masia) in the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus (Santa Coloma de Gramenet), is an academic unit which serves as a supporting and counseling tool to the large project of the BulliPedia. It was created as a result of the collaboration agreement signed on October 23, 2012 between the rector of the UB, Dídac Ramírez, and Ferran Adrià, on behalf of elBulliFoundation. It is academically coordinated by Abel Mariné, Emeritus Professor of the Nutrition and Bromatology Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and by the investigator Pere Castells, acting as representative of elBulliFoundation. Castells takes charge of coordination between the UB-Bullipèdia Unit, the Torribera campus' management and the UB's expert team with other universities and institutions that are part of the advisory group. The work done by the members of the Unit's board will be complemented by that developed by the project permanent investigators, occasional specific experts and students who will take part in some of the subprojects approved: History of the occidental high cuisine, Science and cuisine, Techniques applied to the product, Organization and management, Creative process and the Creative archive of products.

What is the UB-Bullipèdia Unit?

It is the working team created in the framework of the collaboration agreement between the University of Barcelona and Ferran Adrià, on behalf of elBulliFoundation, for the counseling in the deployment of the “BulliPedia” project.


The UB-Bullipèdia Unit is the academic group responsible for the contents of the BulliPedia, which will also manage the writing of the academic matters complementing the documentary database prepared by the team of Taller el Bulli (the workshop) and elBulliFoundation.


The unit is located on the first floor of the administration building (La Masia) of the UB's Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus, coordinated by a professor of the University of Barcelona appointed by the UB's rector, after consulting with Ferran Adrià, and a representative of elBulliFoundation. The operative responsibility will lie with the director of the Campus.


The coordinator of the Unit will set a management team formed by UB specialists, an assistant secretary and specialists coming from other universities and institutions. The group of specialist who compose the managing team of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit will constitute, in conjunction with contact people in elBulliFoundation and the director of the campus, a board that will have to undertake the objectives stated in the framework agreement.

What is the BulliPedia?

The BulliPedia is a project promoted from the BulliTaller that represents a key part of elBulliFoundation endeavors and which wants to provide both society at large and the specialized culinary world in particular, by using modern information and communication technologies, with all the quality contents available in the creative base regarding el Bulli's cuisine, the academic core which allow its fully understanding and the entry to other creative worlds and new contributions which can be identified as knowledge innovations.

Relationship between the UB-Bullipèdia Unit and elBulliFoundation

The maximum responsibility in the BulliPedia project lies with Ferran Adrià and his team by means of elBulliFoundation. Coordination between the UB-Bullipèdia Unit and elBulliFoundation is carried out by Pere Castells, who is part of the academic managing team of the Unit.


With the object to favor a better organization between the structural actors of this project, Ferran Adrià keeps regular meetings with all the specialists and responsibles of the Unit.


The UB members responsible for the monitoring of the agreement activities and the representatives of elBulliFoundation will periodically maintain meetings in order to draft the follow-up report.

What are the objectives of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit?

The UB-Bullipèdia Unit has to confer academic rigor to the contents introduced in the BulliPedia, as well as to validate the concept upon which the project is based and to always ensure the participation of the best experts and specialists in the prioritized thematic areas of the Unit. It also has to arrange all knowledge linked to haute cuisine on the basis of the initial approach promoted from the information gathered in El Bulli Restaurant.


In order to accomplish the general goal of the project other specific objectives are described, such as: (I) To organize the information research, particularly in regard of cuisine history, the products and the techniques and innovations involved in food processing; (II) To permanently keep a group of renowned specialists who constitute a management team for information gathering and treatment; (III) To validate the information, create the archive of used fonts and channel its integration in the creativity section; (IV) To periodically analyze BulliPedia entries and set the quality control from the academic point of view; (V) To promote participation actions among the best university or high education students and, finally: (VI) To keep informed the specialized food sector community about the evolution of the construction works for the new BulliPedia building.

Who forms the UB-Bullipèdia Unit and who coordinates it?

The UB-Bullipèdia Unit consists of an academic coordinator appointed by UB's rector (after consulting Ferran Adrià), a link coordinator with elBulliFoundation, a team of up to 6 specialists related to University of Barcelona or attached centers, a group comprised of a maximum of 6 experts coming from other universities or institutions, an assistant secretary to the academic coordinator and an operative coordinator who is responsible for the enforcing of the agreement UB– elBulliFoundation, the administrative and technical support done from the Torribera Campus' administration and the development of both the activity calendar and the interpretation of new functions and/or objectives which may be incorporated in a future.

Members of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit

  Name Work Area Field
Coordinator of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit (academic project) Abel Mariné Font Department of Nutrition and Bromatology (University of Barcelona)  
Coordinator of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit (link to elBulliFoundation) Pere Castells Esqué    
Academic Coordination Secretary VACANT    
UB's Team of Experts Mª Carmen Vidal Carou Department of Nutrition and Bromatology Nutrition
Joan Vallès Xirau Department of Natural Products, Plant Biology and Soil Science Botany
Ramon Estruch Riba Department of Medicine Medicine
Toni Riera Melis Department of Medieval History, Paleography and Diplomatics History
Claudi Mans Teixidó Department of Chemical Engineering Technology
Maria Abellanet Meia General Manager of CETT's Group Cuisine and Tourism
Group of External Specialists Eduard Mata Albert Former CEO of Agència Catalana de Seguretat Alimentària (ACSA)

Food Safety

Sergi Casamiglia Blancafort UAB - Nutrition, Treatment and Animal Welfare Group Veterinary
Antoni Massanés Sánchez General Director of Alícia Foundation Food Culture
Ana Troncoso González Department of Nutrition and Bromatology (University of Seville) Technology and Food Analysis
Lourdes Reig Puig Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and Director of the School of Agricultural Engineering of Barcelona Aquaculture

Group of permanent experts: The UB-Bullipèdia Unit will invite personalities from all fields to join the project, as well as other permanent experts, thus allowing them, without organizational responsibilities, to devote themselves entirely to the adding of academic value to BulliPedia by means of their contributions. These expert members will have at their disposal the corresponding accreditation as GEP members.

Group of Experts: In order to create specialized sections in BulliPedia entries, external experts will be occasionally invited, both from Catalonia and the entire world.

Student Assistants: UB-Bullipèdia Unit will set a collaboration framework for the different project tasks by means of assistant students coming from the different specialized fields involved in the project.

All interested students have to send a reasoned letter of request to the project coordinator (ub-bullipedia@ub.edu) indicating the university linked studies being coursed and pointing out the subproject in which they would like to take part:

  • History of the occidental high cuisine
  • Science and cuisine
  • Techniques applied to the product
  • Organization and management
  • Creative process
  • Creative archive of products

Presentation of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit (pdf)

Technical Secretary

The administration of the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus will take charge of the coordination with the technical Secretary of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit.

Administration Building (La Masia) First Floor

Coordinator of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit

(link to elBulliFoundation)

Pere Castells Esqué

Coordinator of the UB-Bullipèdia Unit(academic project)

Abel Mariné Font

Contact Details

Tel. 934 020 921



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