The Executive MBA of the UB Business School has welcomed a group of 25 students this 2019/20 academic year. This year the programme stands out for the consolidated professional profile of the students and a high degree of internationalisation of the program. Specifically, students have eight years of previous work experience in the field of business on average. Besides, there are 10 nationalities represented in the programme and international students account for 92% of the class.

The EMBA is a programme for professionals. Therefore, students have an extensive professional career in very diverse sectors of the business world. 20% of students come from the field of banking and finance. The human resources, consulting, sales and project management sectors represent 12% each. Likewise, 8% of the students have developed their work career in the legal sector, 4% in logistics and another 4% in marketing.

EMBA students are 32 years old on average. They carried out university studies in the field of business and business administration (36%). On the other hand, 28% of the class are engineers or architects. There are also graduates in the field of social sciences (16%), law (8%), psychology and human resources (8%), logistics (4%) and marketing (4%).

This year, the proportion of international students has grown by 19 percentage points compared to last year. Students from America constitute the largest group (76%), followed by Europe (20%) and Asia (4%).

As for the distribution by gender, the program has 68% men and 32% women. The percentage of women has increased since last year, when women accounted for 27%. The UB Business School is committed to eliminating gender differences in the business environment. In fact, the UB Business School has recently launched the “Female Scholarships” program, which finances 50% of the tuition fee to promote the transition of women to leadership and senior management positions.

The director of the EMBA, Xavier García Marimón, welcomed the students who started the degree on September 27th, 2019.