Rock art

Abrigo de la Vieja Pelada


Jalance (Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora, Valencia)


The Vieja Pelada rock shelter is in the ravine that gives it its name. It is a cavity 8.1 m wide x 4.14 m maximum height, facing west and located at the foot of a waterfall.

The only preserved figure is schematic type, and is badly damaged by surface runoff. It is a figure which may be anthropomorphic, with a vertical straight line acting as its backbone. The central part is cut by a closed rectangular figure, which is a departure from the characteristic arched, jar-shaped arms typical of schematic art.

The site was discovered in 2012 by our team as part of surveys carried out as part of a project to study the Las Monteses site and its surroundings, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The directors of LArcHer, Inés Domingo and Dídac Román, and the archaeologists Rafael Rubio and Bruno Rives took part in this work.



Domingo, I., Rives, B., Roman, D., Rubio, R. 2013. Imágenes en la piedra. Arte rupestre en el abrigo de Las Monteses y su entorno (Jalance). Ayuntamiento de Jalance, Valencia.

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