Rock art

Abric del Mas de la Rambla


Portell de Morella (Els Ports, Castelló)


The shelter is in a meander of the Sellumbres torrent bed. It was discovered by chance in 2004 by Ismael Gil Bellés and Jacinto Cerdá Moles (residents of Portell), and revealed years to Francisco Javier Duarte and Francesc J. Hernández, when the Portell General Local Plan was published. In 2011, both archaeologists contacted I. Domingo, the director of LArcHer, who joined the team as a rock art specialist to confirm its authenticity. From then on, we began a series of collaborative projects with Portell de Morella Town Council and the Valencian government’s Department of Education, Culture and Sport to proceed with the study, documentation and perimeter enclosure of the site.

It has about 29 preserved motifs corresponding to the Levantine and Schematic artistic traditions.

This finding is currently under study.


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