Proyecto LArcHer | Excavaciones

Coves Llongues


Sorita (Els Ports, Castelló)


Dídac Roman (UJI/PRE-EINA); Inés Domingo (ICREA-UB)

Field work



The site was discovered in 1991 by Ximo Andrés, who attributed it to the end of the Palaeolithic period. The study of these materials during 2007 revealed that the site could be of great interest in finding out about the oldest settlements in the Castelló region. In 2019 we dug the first archaeological test pits to discover the preserved sequence. These excavations have shown a complex sequence, with several Neolithic levels and older occupation in the transition between the Magdalenian and the Epimagdalenian periods.


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ROMÁN, D. 2011. El poblament del final del Plistocè en les comarques del nord del País Valencià a partir de l’estudi tecno-tipològic de la indústria lítica. Publicacions de la Universitat de València, València.

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