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Cova dels Diablets


Alcalà de Xivert / Alcossebre (Baix Maestrat, Castelló)


Gustau Aguilella (SIAP-Diputació de Castelló), Dídac Roman (UJI/PRE-EINA)

Field work

1998, 2020-nowadays


This is a site where a rescue dig was carried out in 1998 (directed by G. Aguilella, from SIAP) to adapt it after a series of clandestine excavations had damaged a highly valuable archaeological deposit. This excavation uncovered a sequence that began in the Epimagdalenian and continued with various Neolithic levels. In 2020 we began new interventions intended to expand our knowledge of the archaeological sequence and confirm the possible existence of a greater number of occupations.


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