Proyecto LArcHer | Excavaciones

Balma de La Roureda


Vilafranca (Els Ports, Castelló)


Dídac Roman (UJI/PRE-EINA)

Field work



This site was discovered in the 1970s by Dr Ferran Arasa, who collected various lithic remains that suggested the existence of a pre-ceramic site. A review of the materials recovered in those initial surveys (deposited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Castelló) led us to believe that they were from the end of the Palaeolithic period, which led to an excavation campaign in 2007 to confirm the preserved sequence. The materials recovered in this campaign allowed the recovery of an abundant lithic industry dominated by backed and truncated items and scrapers typical of the late Palaeolithic period (Epimagdalenian), confirmed by the dating, which places the occupation around 13,300-13,000 years ago.


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