Rock art

Abrigo del Sordo


Ayora (Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora, Valencia)


This rock shelter is about 22.4 m long, divided into two cavities. The largest cavity, on the left, is the one that preserves the rock representations. It is approximately 3 m high and its maximum depth is also 3 m.

The site is on the left bank of the Chorrico de Sáez ravine, also referred to in the bibliography as the Sordo ravine. This is part of the River Júcar fluvial network.

It was discovered by Javier Sánchez in 1946, following a report by J. M. Micó.

In the last review of the site, we were able to inventory a total of 21 painted remains corresponding to Levantine and Schematic motifs. The site is greatly deteriorated and the majority of the motifs inventoried correspond to undocumented remains that are difficult to interpret.



Sánchez, J. (1947) Pinturas rupestres en la Sierra de Enguera. Saitabi, 23-24. 53-59.


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