Rock art

La Ferranda


Vilafranca (Els Ports, Castelló)


The site was discovered in March 2016 by our research team, led by Inés Domingo (ICREA-UB) and Dídac Roman (UJI/Pre-EINA). Its location was kept secret until 2017, when preventive closure could be carried out to ensure its protection.

The shelter is on a rocky outcrop near the Montlleó riverbed. The paintings are in a very poor state of preservation due to the deposit of calcium formations on the surface, which makes it difficult to see most of the preserved motifs. The digital treatment of the images makes it possible to go through these formations and see the figures, most of which are complete.

It is an exceptional set of paintings because of the unique subject matter. The scene depicts a herd of wild boar with their young being surrounded by a group of archers ready to shoot.

This finding is currently under study.

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