Rock art

Barranco Gómez


Castellote (Maestrazgo, Teruel)


The Levantine rock shelter in Gómez ravine was discovered by chance in 2013, although the study and documentation of the site was not carried out until 2020. It has three different decorated panels. The greatest number of representations are concentrated in the first of these, including scenes on diverse themes: archers on the march, hunting scenes, and honey gathering. In the other two panels there are pictorial elements of undefined morphology and a beautiful running doe facing backwards.

The morphological analysis of the human representations has made it possible to establish at least three decorative phases, which further supports the symbolic importance of this space over time.


Bea, M., Domingo, I., Angás, J. 2021. El abrigo de Barranco Gómez (Castellote, Teruel), un nuevo conjunto con arte levantino en el núcleo rupestre del Guadalope. Trabajos de Prehistoria, 78 (1): 164-178.

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