Proyecto LArcHer | Excavaciones

Coveta de la Foia


Vilafranca (Els Ports, Castelló)


Dídac Roman (UJI/PRE-EINA); Inés Domingo (ICREA-UB)

Field work



Discovered by our research team, led by Inés Domingo (ICREA-UB) and Dídac Roman (UJI/Pre-EINA) as part of a survey carried out in 2013, and under excavation since 2015.
The site preserves several levels of occupation, from the early Middle Ages going back to the end of the Palaeolithic period.
The abundance of lithic remains recovered in the Palaeolithic levels, dating from between 14,000 and 13,000 years ago, make it a key site for understanding the Magdalenian/Epimagdalenian transition. Moreover, it is the oldest human occupation documented so far in the Els Ports region.

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