Rock art

Abrigo de Pedro Mas


Ayora (Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora, Valencia)

Other names

Abrigo de al lado de la Cueva Negra del Barranco Hondo



This shelter is about 18 m long. It was originally described by H. Breuil in 1911 and publicised as the rock shelter next to the Negra Cave in Hondo ravine (Breuil, 1935). It was later rediscovered by Pedro Mas Guereca, an archaeology enthusiast who occasionally worked with the Valencia Provincial Council’s Prehistoric Research Service, and subsequently renamed the Pedro Mas rock shelter.

The site has Schematic and Levantine motifs preserved on its walls, such as several large horned quadrupeds which Breuil interprets as bovids and more than ten small schematic quadrupeds, a possible schematic deer with large antlers, and several remains that could correspond to the Levantine horizon.


Breuil, H. (1935) Les peintures rupestres schématiques de la Péninsule Ibérique. IV. Sud-Est et Est de l’Espagne. París.

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