Carlos Cayón Martínez

Carlos Cayón Martínez

Ph. Doctoral programme, PREDOCS-UB


2021. University of Barcelona
Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Archaeology (Bioarcheology and Paleoenvironment).

2020. Bachelor's degree in Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Research interests

Pigment exploitation and use in North-east Iberian peninsula: Socio-economic and semiotic uses located in Upper Paleolithic, Epipaleolitic and Neolitic. Hunter-gatherer and first agro-pastoral societies.

Applications of Analytical Techniques and Archaeometry.

Geoarchaeology and Ochres.

Current research project

Characterization, use and value of metallic oxides of Prehistoric North-east Iberian peninsula .
Funding entity: Universitat de Barcelona, PREDOCS-UB

Current collaborations

2021-2022. International Mountain Conference 2022 “Probing the past, predicting the future – insights from historic and scientific approaches and datasets for adaptive strategies in mountain regions under future climates.” - Title of focal session: “Social strategies and rituality in ancient mountain landscapes” - ("Work in progress").

2021. 4th Archaeobotanical Communication: Non-pollen palynomorphs as indicators of the presence of fleece and woolworking in archaeological contexts: a baseline study on the Rossellonenca sheep in the Eastern Pyrenees. (UCO-IPHES).

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